Community matters

Community matters

The Royal London Foundation helps members support local organisations that make a difference in your communities

Across the UK, not-for-profit organisations are working to help others and change lives. The Royal London Foundation was established in 2011 to mark our 150th anniversary by giving donations to community groups nominated by our members. In this way we support the often unsung heroes whose work makes such a big difference to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

We re-launched the Royal London Foundation in 2017 after engaging members in a review. You told us that you want to support smaller, local causes. When we launched we worked with our partner, UK Community Foundations (UKCF), to identify examples of organisations around the country – from Calderdale in the foothills of the Pennines to County Durham and Derry – that would benefit from our help.

The Royal London Foundation offers an award of 5,000 to support the core work of community groups nominated by members. In 2017, our aim was to award at least £100,000. We gave out 37 grants totalling £190,000 to great organisations, from Manchester to Perth to Bristol.

Watch our video to see how funding from the Royal London Foundation is making a difference to the valuable work of these organisations across the UK.

Case study: 4 Winds, Cardiff

4 Winds is a user-led, open-access mental health resource helping people work towards recovery. ‘J’ was struggling – and had negative experiences of other support services, but 4 Winds opened up a whole new world for him, where he began to see hope and opportunity. This increased his confidence and he is becoming an ‘involvement champion’ for 4 Winds.

Could £5,000 help your organisation?

We are now open for nominations from members. Find out how you can get involved below.

Guidelines and terms and conditions

Who do we support and do they have to be a charity?

Understanding the theme and who you can nominate

This is a very broad theme to allow us to support a wide range of organisations. However, they must support an identifiable cause or group of people that are directly affected by either chronic conditions or by longer-term challenges, such as poverty or social mobility issues.

Other important information

The organisation must be able to identify their beneficiaries rather than be a general community organisation.

How to nominate

To nominate an organisation, you must have a Royal London membership reference number.

Please note: If you are nominating please send the charity a link to this page to review in advance.

Case study: The Open Door

The Open Door supports vulnerable people in Morningside, Edinburgh, by providing friendship, inclusion, practical support – or just a cup of tea and a chat. Before she found The Open Door, Doreen was living alone, struggling to prepare meals and dress herself, and feeling increasingly alone. The Open Door referred her to an advocacy organisation that helped her move to a sheltered housing complex with social activities and friendly neighbours. A volunteer rings her up every evening to make sure she is doing well and feeling loved and supported.

Please note: We do not give any other donations or support beyond those outlined above.


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