Everyone likes a little boost

Everyone likes a little boost

As a mutual, we think our members should share in our success. That’s why, when we do well, we’ll aim to boost your retirement savings. We call this ProfitShare

How does ProfitShare work?

ProfitShare awards will be applied on 1 April each year and they’ll be based on the value of the retirement savings you have invested with us on that date.

Each year, we’ll aim to boost your retirement savings by 0.15–0.25%. You could get more or less than this and there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to award ProfitShare every year.

ProfitShare awards only apply to unit-linked investments. If you invest in with profits, we’ll work out your ProfitShare in a different way.

Watch our animation below for more information about how ProfitShare works and the difference it could make to your retirement savings over time.

Click here to watch our animation on ProfitShare

Do I qualify?

To qualify for an award in April 2018, you must have a pension plan that started with us on or after 1 July 2001. Your plan needs to be in place in April when we make the award, and must have been in force on 31 December 2017.

If you’re a member of an occupational scheme, eligibility for ProfitShare is based on the start date of the scheme, not the date you joined the scheme.

Unfortunately, ProfitShare isn’t available under our Crest Secure, Retirement Account contracts or any self-invested retirement savings you have. Any plans set up with The Co-operative Insurance Society Limited (CIS) also won’t qualify.

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Everyone likes a little boost

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Everyone likes a little boost

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