Welcoming our new work experience recruits

We had a fantastic response to our new Insight into Work programme this year

This year we launched our brand new Royal London Insight into Work programme, after you – our members – told us how valuable work experience can be.

Whether you’re leaving school or university and finding it hard to get a foot on the career ladder, are considering a career change, or wanting to return to work after a long break, work experience can be a real help. That’s why we opened our programme to all members and their families, aged 14 and above.

We had a brilliant response to the launch this year, with a total of over 20 applications across the UK for a range of roles. We offered two different opportunities to applicants: a two-week work shadowing placement, and a full-time work taster placement of four weeks. The second option means the candidate will be part of the team and join us in our day-to-day tasks. Members were able to choose the option that best suited their needs and availability, from business areas such as Human Resources, Group Finance and Royal London Asset Management – the latter two being the most popular, particularly in areas such as Financial Reporting and Operations.

As well as offering a number of roles, we also wanted our programme to appeal to a lot of people, so we were thrilled to see applications from those at various stages of their career lifecycle – ranging from school pupils and students to those with prior work experience looking for something different.

We’re now in touch with the successful applicants to set up interviews and placement dates for what we hope will be an invaluable opportunity with us. We’ll be sharing updates on their experience in November, and exploring how both the applicants and Royal London have benefited from the programme.

And we’re already starting to plan for the 2018 Insight into Work programme, which will offer more members the chance to come and experience working with us!

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