Growing your investments

There are a wide range of methods and markets in which we can grow your investments, as Chief Investment Officer Piers Hillier describes

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What happens when you invest with us?

Piers Hillier, Chief Investment Officer at Royal London, explains how we invest With Profits members' money to get you the best possible returns


How we make investment decisions

In order to grow your pot, there are a number of decisions we have to make when it comes to investing your money


Investing for uncertain times

Knowing how to make the most of stock market growth, while protecting yourself from any changes, can help your investments to perform well



We give your savings pot an extra boost by adding a share of our profits to your plan every year


Can you invest without risk?

Moving your money out of savings may seem tempting in a low interest rate environment, but can you invest without putting your nest egg at risk?


Giving something back to you

As a mutual, we think our members should share in our success. That’s why, when we do well, we’ll aim to boost your retirement savings. We call this ProfitShare